I’m getting terrible behind scheme, but I’ll try to finish all this stuff before 2017. So, here we are, twitter! In the past I tried out twitter and hootsuite, but I never was a big “user” of it. So this is an occasion to renew my twitter knowledge.

In the past it was easy to add twitter hashtags to feedly, but nowadays that is not possible for free anymore. That is a pity for me. I want a dashboard with all on it. Then it is easy to check everything quickly. Nothing to do about this (but I remember Netvibes form the past. I used it only for a very short time. Maybe it worth another try, but that is for later).

For this course I’ll use my personal twitter account because it is cleaner than my playing account where I did do a lot of tests (which I should clean up J ) and I’ll create a new hootsuite.

I close here for now. See you again on twitter: my account and #23researchcam.