The best way to google yourself is by going to the incognito mode (Chrome) or private browsing mode (Firefox).
Without asking otherwise google here in Belgium uses the URL and uses also your location, giving following result while searching my name:

  • Entry 1 and 2 are about another person with the same name
  • Entry 3: an electronic phone guide gives my name, address and phone number
  • Entry 4: my linkedin
  • Entry 5 and 6: all people with my name public on facebook and my facebook wall
  • Entry 7 till 11: about other persons
  • Then follows my twitter, ….

It’s also possible to ask explicitly for, though it is in a rather complicate way here. In my case you have to start with the URL, which will redirect you to, but with the possibility to go to


This gives other results, where I’m a bit amazed about and this because of my “dominance” on the first page thanks to facebook, linkedin, google (plus) and flickr. It seems social media score higher on than on
screenshot_5To end I search myself using another search tool, DuckDuckGo. It is easier to scroll further here. So I found my name on zoominfo, a side I never heard off before, and also one of my YouTube personas, a timely remember that people can easily see things you enjoy in YouTube, if you don’t take care about this.
And now to really end, I want to refer you to my writing in 2011 about this item: Personal branding and appearance on the internet