I want to illustrate the three W’s explaining why you see my blog in the form you see it now.


Blogging is an important part of 23 things. So we have to decide how to do that. I have some old blogs or my website (nowadays it’s more a forgotten playground) or I can start with something new. Time for reflection I should say!

So what?

My first thought was to use my “Cambridge 23 things” blog (see my thing 1 about it). Very logical idea because it is all around the same subject. But it is a tumblr blog and I have some very strong “cons” against using that platform for this:

  • tumblr was not made for “traditional” blogging like it is used in “23 things”. A third party tool is needed to make it possible to reply directly on a post, for instance. There are other difficulties also.
  • Since yahoo is owner of tumblr all went really badly. Yahoo effectively sold my URL to another user or organisation, clearly wanting to pay for it. My URL radoveden.tumblr.com was changed over night in radoveden-blog.tumblr.com without noticing me: no communication, no e-mail, nothing. Everybody with a link to my site was bound to another site without warning.
  • As part of yahoo, the future of tumblr is very uncertain.

So, no tumblr. What about my old WordPress and blogger try-outs. They are really very old. It is better to keep them as playgrounds and museum, also eliminating confusion.

Conclusion: a new blog, but which platform? I have a slight preference for blogger, but it is based on my experience with it that is more than five years old. Meanwhile WordPress is getting more popular than blogger and – more important – most of the participant of this “23 things” work with it. Communication with people using the same platform is always easier than with people using another platform.

There is also a brilliant idea of The Librarian Errant. She or he has two blogs, one on tumblr which only contained teasers to the “real” posts on WorldPress. This brought me to the idea of making a facebook page with teasers, but since this course is going very fast, it is maybe better to keep it simple.

What next?

Tomorrow there is “thing 3”. Furthermore I have to read and maybe comment the blogs of other participants.