I’m not working as a librarian, researcher, archivist or so. As a consequence it was some luck and a misunderstanding that let me stumble into the 23 things courses of some librarians from Cambridge in 2011. It was an exciting time where I learned a lot of “things” (even more than 23). So I’m very glad there is new initiative from that corner. My goals for this course are:

  • Learn to use the tools mentioned in the introduction efficiently.
  • Finding and research things I am interested in on the big big internet quicker and more accurate.
  • Provide good ideas to other people and have some good (and fun) collaboration.
  • and hopefully I receive some tips to bring order in my personal and not so personal chaos.


I see the courses I talked about are still online: 23 Things for Professional Development and Cam23 2.0. On page 17 of my blog around these courses you find my first post at that occasion, where I tell a bit more about myself.


I’m living in Belgium and English is certainly my first language. So don’t hesitate to correct me.